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  • Low cost
  • One Ethernet
  • One miniPCI
  • Build a small CPE

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35,90 € z davkom

The RB400L is our low cost series. The RB411L has one miniPCI slot and one Ethernet port.

Use this device in an outdoor case for a CPE device, or a point to point wireless link installation. The miniPCI slot allows you to choose your own preferred wireless card model.

It's powered by an Atheros 300MHz CPU and has 32MB of RAM and a Level3 RouterOS license.

Differences between RB411 and RB411L can be seen in the file "RB400L differences" which you can download in the left side menu.

  • 802.3af support: No
  • Architecture: MIPS-BE
  • CPU name AR7130
  • CPU speed: 300MHz
  • CPU temperature monitor No
  • Current Monitor No
  • Dimensions 105x105mm
  • LAN ports: 1
  • MiniPCI: 1
  • Operating System: RouterOS
  • PCB temperature monitor No
  • PoE: 10-28V
  • Power Jack: No
  • Product code: RB411L
  • RAM: 32MB
  • RouterOS License: Level3
  • Temperature range: -30C to +60C
  • Voltage Monitor: No

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